Agar Essential Oil (Oud)

Oil Description

Agar wood essential oil, also known a oud is one of the most valuable essential oils in the world, it is incredibly rare and often used in premium perfumes. The wood is usually grown in countries in Asia such as Vietnam and Cambodia, where it comes from Aquilaria trees when they are infected with a special kind of mould.

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Oil Information

Botanical Name: Aquilaria crassna

Plant Family: Thymelaeaceae

Plant Part Used: Wood

Note: Base

Aroma: Agar oil has a bitter-sweet, woody aroma.

Oil Consistency: Thick

Oil Colour: Dark Brown

Mood: Relaxing

Agar Oil Recipes

Recipe 1: 3 drops of Silver Fir oil, 5 drops of Birch oil and 2 drops of Agar oil.

Recipe 2: 3 drops of Anise oil, 5 drops of Red Cedar oil and 2 drops of Agar oil.

Recipe 3: 3 drops of Bergamot oil, 5 drops of Clary Sage oil and 2 drops of Agar oil.

Agar Oil Uses and Benefits

Improve meditation

Alleviate Pain

To help with sleep

Improve memory and focus

As and anti-inflammatory and to improve skin health.

Oil safety information.

Check out our essential oil safety information here.

Image by: Hafizmuar at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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